Xiamen Comaccord Logistics Co., Ltd. Xiamen surplus, as the fundamental integrity of the long-term development, with the growth with customers, and market the Concorde; with professional ethics, to Chengyi of effort, sound operation, pioneering creation, self-transcendence, and sustainable improvement.

Our company specializes in the import and export cargo booking, Pai contained, agents, customs declaration, inspection, monitoring equipment and cargo handling, cargo handling, distribution, transport and distribution, services related to maritime, air and land transport. We are in the process of steady development, we have accumulated considerable experience, and shipping companies, airlines harmony and common prosperity, information accessibility; knowledge of port policy guidance and operational procedures, familiar with the customs laws and regulations, entry-exit inspection and quarantine.

We have an efficient united shipping agents, cargo clearance services team in Hong Kong, Xiamen Haicang Port and the airport has a compact line of the declaration; own considerable scale and comprehensive range of container shipping fleet, engaged in port and distribution and land transport; at the same time have access to an orderly, safe and convenient revolving warehouse. Full range of services and the use of scientific management and modern technology, for customers to win time and reduce costs.

We are committed to the development of agency networks. Fuzhou Port in China, Ningbo, Shanghai and Tianjin Port has a strong agent network, while also constantly updated and supplemented; abroad, on Los Angeles, Kaohsiung and Hamburg as a regional management and settlement center, service network across the world's major ports and cities, domestic freight forwarding agents peer payments and settlement in the world's port cities.

Our cooperation unit for the exclusive US Stolt canned transportation company Xiamen port, agents canned liquid cargo transportation; we specialize in crane unloading large pieces of cargo, fixed installation, technical design and operational guidance transport processes; accepting goods seized stonework class of goods, inspection commission, customers and agents confirm SGS certification and documents and so on; we accept consulting and design customer-related logistics processes control.

In the long-term port services, we enjoy a good reputation, to achieve a safe, efficient, high quality and strong protection of modern logistics services. To customers as a close partner to grow and benefit the community, together with development and growth!

Welcome home and abroad to come to discuss cooperation, and sincerely hope to establish and develop a good cooperative relationship!

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